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What is High Speed Internet?

Wireless Internet is high-speed Internet access which uses high frequency radio waves instead of telephone lines to connect you to the Internet.

We mount a small antenna on the top of your house or business, which transmits internet to a tower located up to several kilometers away.

The antenna is connected to either a router or directly to your computer for full time high speed access.

Is wireless Internet faster than my 56k dial-up connection or satellite?

Yes! Many times faster than dialup and at least twice as fast as satellite.

Depending on the package you choose, you will experience Internet at a much faster rate than your current modem can offer you.

IWantWireless offers several different connection speeds.

Our servers run a dynamic cache that helps efficiently manage your speeds effectively and alow you to retrieve web pages much faster than other internet providers.

Do I need special equipment?

Most computers come ready for high speed, however some may require an additional network card, or wireless access point.

IWantWireless.ca Ltd provides the Subscriber Module (antenna), which remains the property of IWantWireless.ca Ltd., as rental is included in your monthly fee.

What is your service area?

I Want WIreless proudly serves Debolt, Valleyview, Peace River, High Prairie and areas. 

To find out if you are in our service area please submit a Site Request.

If you are near our service areas, one of our technicians will be happy to schedule a test appointment.

Can I be on the Internet all the time with a wireless connection?

Yes. IWantWireless is an always-on service. Simply open up your internet website or email.

There is no waiting for a dial-up connection

How big of an email attachment can I send?

Email attachments are limited to 5M per attachment per email.

If you are sending for example, pictures, all the picture sizes are added up to the 5M limit.

If you exceed this you will need to send more than one email to accomodate the file sizes.

Another option is to use the free service like www.yousendit.com (the free service allows up to 250M)


How do I troubleshoot my connection if I do not have internet?

Simply unplug your router and wait 10 seconds.

If you do not have a router try to reboot your computer first.

If after 2 minutes you do not have a connection, try unplugging the Motorola Power supply, you will notice it is the one with a green light on it, generally plugged in near your computer equipment.

What are my email settings?

Your smtp and pop server should both be set to 'mail.iwantwireless.ca'.

Your outgoing server requires authentication using the same settings as your incoming mail server so make sure that is checked.

In the advanced tab, make sure you change your outgoing mail server port to #26.

Also, please note your user name is your 'entire' email address.

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